Pay NBI Clearance using GCash is available on any mobile device; using digital wallet technology is the easiest payment method to get the NBI clearance certificate.

The registration for GCash Account is easy to follow; prepare a valid government ID and mobile number. If you don’t have one, create a new account in GCash by registering your mobile number.

Once all the requirements for GCash registration are ready, enter the mobile number in the gcash application and verify by sending the scanned government ID.

After that, add/cash-in to the GCash wallet and pay NBI clearance using gcash.

Create an NBI Clearance Online Application, including the profile details, a scheduled appointment, and the transaction reference number, before paying it in the GCash account.

In the GCash payment method, the new or renewal applicants have the same procedure for the Payment.

Download the application in the google play store for android and the app store for IOS users. In addition, the Registration for GCash is also available in a web browser.

Here are the Steps on How to Pay NBI Clearance using GCash

1. Prepare the NBI Clearance Reference Number

The NBI clearance online application account’s reference number will be under the transactions menu. Copy that or write it on a piece of paper.


2. GCash Login

Once the NBI clearance reference number is ready, pay the NBI clearance using GCash. Just install the GCash application on the mobile device.

After that, register in the GCash account using the assigned mobile number. Enter the assigned “4-digit PIN, and it immediately continues to the GCash dashboard.


3. GCash Cash In

After logging in to the gcash account, ensure a remaining balance in the GCash wallet.

If not enough, proceed to the Cash In menu and top up the gcash wallet account.


4. GCash Wallet Cash In Menu

Entered the Cash In menu, you have four (4) options to transfer the money to your gcash wallet.

Choose the assigned cash-in method: online banking, bank over-the-counter, PayPal, remittances, or any 7-Eleven convenience store.

Note: some of the cash in the method in the GCash wallet requires additional charges.

5. GCash Available Balance

Now that it has an available balance to the GCash account, prepare and be ready to pay NBI Clearance using GCash. Ensure that there are more than 155 pesos in the gcash wallet.


6. Pay NBI Clearance Using GCash Bills

Before proceeding, remember that all transactions in pay NBI clearance using GCash will find under the Bills option.


7. Pay Bills Under Government Menu

Under pay bills, proceed to Government Menu.”


8. GCash Pay Bills Under NBI Menu

Then tap the NBI menu. It can also tap the heart icon as a favorite, so it will be easy to find next time.


9. GCash Pay Bills with NBI Clearance Details

Pay NBI Clearance using GCash, including the Reference Number, contact number, amount, and email address. There is a ₱40.00 additional payable amount as a service fee for the pay NBI clearance using the gcash online system.

Please Read: The details you will enter here are the reference number from your NBI clearance, your contact number, the amount of NBI clearance to be paid, and your active e-mail address. The e-mail address is optional, but preferably if you put your e-mail address for your reference.

The reason is that after you pay your NBI clearance using GCASH, they will send your digital receipt to the e-mail address you enter on the form. And this will also be your reference number if your NBI Clearance has a problem.


10. NBI GCash Confirmation

After entering all the details, the next page will be the NBI confirmation.

Double-check if the reference number and the other details that pay NBI clearance using GCash are correct.


11. Done Payment

After confirming the Payment, check the payment history at the email address or in the NBI Clearance online application.

Aside from that, the official receipt will be sent to the assigned email address. Just keep it and do not attempt to delete the official receipt.


12. NBI Clearance Transactions History

Now check the transaction history in the NBI Clearance application account, and see if the status of the reference number has successfully been paid.


13. Application Details for NBI Clearance

Print the reference details and make a backup for the pay NBI Clearance using GCash without an internet connection while in the NBI Clearance branch offices.

Under the NBI clearance account, the reference number status shows already paid using GCash.

In addition, the appointment schedule in any NBI clearance center is also indicated.


Pay NBI Clearance using GCash Final Thoughts.

This payment method is more convenient for bills, including the NBI clearance online application.
This way, paying NBI clearance using GCash does not waste time in line with any NBI clearance payment centers.

Even though this application is not available in the NBI Clearance payment option, it is advisable to use it.


  1. Pano po magdagdag ng bayad para mainclude ang payment for door-to-door delivery? Naprocess na po yung payment sa renewal pero pag cinclick po yung door-to-door ayaw na gumana.

  2. good afternoon po! kaninong number and email po ilalagay upon sending bills with the given reference number

    • Your contact number po and email address nyo po (optional) pwedeng meron or pwedeng wala. But much better kung meron para meron din kayong reference payment details na papasok sa email nyo.

  3. Nag pa appointment na po ako sa palayan branch at na avail na yung first time jobseeker previlage na free. Balak ko sana palitan yung location or branch ng pagkukuhanan ng clearance kaso lumilitaw po na na avail na raw yung first time jobseeker previlage

  4. Hello po, I have inquiry po, I already applied for a clearance last July 3 with an appointment date of July 28, sadly I was not able to pay for it within 24 hours, ask lang ako if ok pa po ba yung reference number ko that day kung babayaran ko for today? kasi PENDING pa rin yung status ng application ko via NBI website

  5. Pano po pag na doble ko yung pag click ng payment option, pero parehas via gcash, dalawa na po yung nasa transaction ko, binayaran ko na po yung unang reference then okay na, okay lang po ba na di ko na bayaran yung isa?? na doble po e

    • yes po. kung iisa lang naman ang details ng inapplyan ng NBI kahit isa lang din ang bayaran ay pwede po, since isang reference number lang naman ang magrereflect sa account details ni NBI, ang binayaran na reference number lang ang makikita sa system nila.

  6. matagal nga posting ng NBI payments kahit sabi 24hrs lang yung posting ng payments..
    hindi din naman ma contact yung email pati yung cell # na nilagay ng NBI wala sumasagot.


  7. i already paid my application thru Gcash but when i check my Transaction History in my NBI Account, it says that there is NO TRANSACTION FOUND.


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