How to forgot the password and E-mail Address in the NBI clearance online application? This is a common question if we didn’t open our NBI clearance online account for a long time. 

Most of the common reasons here are we getting busy with our current job or we are not interested to check and update our account profile. That’s why our goal is to look for a simple solution rather than asking the NBI staff to fix our NBI clearance online account.

The main reason for forgetting the password and e-mail address in our NBI clearance online application account is to recover the old password that we registered in our old account and assign a new password or change the e-mail address that we registered before.

Once you settle all the information that needs to change like the password and e-mail address, all these details will be sent to the current e-mail address that you registered. Make sure that the current e-mail address is working or active.

Remember that you need to provide the basic requirements before you proceed and change the details in your NBI Clearance Online Application and Registration. In this way, it will help to fix your problem in your account easily.


  • Old Email Address that you registered. It’s either Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail.
  • Old NBI Clearance with ID number (Optional).
  • The newly created e-mail address. Highly suggested are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail.



1. Forgot Password

If you accidentally forgot the password that you assign to your NBI Clearance account.

Don’t worry, because this incident happens to every applicant registered in the NBI Clearance Online Application.

If this happened, click the “Forgot Password” button below in the log-in area of the website.

NBI Clearance Forgot Password

2. Insert Email Address

Now, enter your current e-mail address registered in your NBI clearance online account. Then, the NBI Clearance website will automatically send the new password to your assigned email address.

Insert the Registered E-mail Address

3. Email Address

After that, the NBI Clearance Services will be sending the new password that you request to your current e-mail address.
Reset Password will be Sent to Registered E-mail

4. NBI Clearance Reset Password

After you click the reset password in your e-mail address, you will redirect to the NBI Clearance Reset Password. Make sure to take note of the password that you assign, so never forget it again.


You are successfully reset your password and now you are able to continue to log in to your account on the NBI clearance online website.


If you have forgotten the e-mail address that you registered in your NBI Clearance online account. The best way is to create a new e-mail address and registered it again.

But don’t worry, since you have the old NBI clearance document and the NBI ID No. is still visible. This will be the reference during your online registration, so keep your old NBI clearance document.

Old NBI Clearance with ID Number

1. NBI Clearance Registration

As the image is shown below, make sure that the “YES” box is checked if you still have the old NBI Clearance that was issued from 2014 to the present.

Fill out the registration form with your complete details such as your full name, contact number, birth date, and your old NBI ID Number.

Remember that all the details in the registration box must be fill-out.

NBI Clearance Initial Registration

2. Enter New Email Address

On the next screen, enter your contact number, new e-mail address, and password.

Filling out all the details in the registration form

Then check the terms of services and the captcha button.

Enter New E-mail Address

Congratulation! you already created a new account and registered a new email address on the NBI Clearance online website.


  1. I had to process my NBI Clearance here in davao but prior to that, last night Ive made online appointment for renewal where i am thinking that they need it and without knowing we can process it directly to them w/o appointment or do walk in process. Ive made a payment thru gcash the time that i processed the online renewal and when i presented the receipt from gcash they told me that they cant access it or pull up it since its intended only for Manila and here in davao no need to have an appointment for renewal. On that day Ive made two payment gcash and cashier(Direct). I am requesting for a refund that was thru thru gcash if possible i have the receipt from gcash and receipt from cashier here in davao for proof and other references.

  2. Good day! I have concern about the link you sent for forgot password. The link you sent is not working, can you help me with this? Thank you!

  3. when i try to log in the screen shows “please activate your account” ive got the right username and password.. this happens after resetting my password.

  4. I opted for renewal and have paid for everything already. Forgot my email address so I had to follow the steps here. Once I am logged in, I checked my transactions and there seems to be no record of my renewal application. What should I do?

    • Good day, apparently you cannot retrieve the NBI renewal reference number once you already paid to the old email address. Unless you need to recover it by forgetting the password. Since the transaction was made to your old account. The steps for the new email are for the nbi renewal that you did not pay yet. You need to register a new email address and “put” your old NBI Number, after that, you can pay your renewal to the new email address.


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